In order to reduce our impact on the environment, we strive to keep our use of degreasing solvents to an absolute minimum. Using a vapour degreasing system, the solvent is heated with elements enabling the vapour that is produced to rise and effectively remove grease and particles from the substrate as it falls back into the tank. The level of the vapour cannot rise above a certain point due to water which limits the rise.


Shotlbasting effectively removes the top surface of the substrate giving an ideal 'key' on which to apply any further pre-paint treatment or paint, especially powder.

It will also remove corrosion, paint and dirt. It's use is ideal for previously coated products that need to be refurbished. A variety of media can be used dependent on the finish to be achieved. It is also ideal way to remove any resistant burrs.


This is a hexavalent chromium pretreatment particularly suited to aluminium that leaves the surface with a 'golden' look finish. This can be left as applied, but also acts as a sound base for paint finishing. Alocrom 1200 is ideal for items that require conductivity such as in an electronics environment.


The Iridite NCP, Non Chrome Passivate has been developed in response to the ELV, RoHS and WEEE directives. The Iridite NCP does not contain Lead, Cadmium, Chromium (hexavalent or trivalent), Mercury or PBB/PBDE compounds. Iridite NCP is an environmentally friendly chemical process that produces a protective conversion coating on aluminium and its alloys. This coating exhibits bare, unpainted, corrosion resistance that is equal to hexavalent chromates on many aluminium alloys. The coating can be used as a final finish and can also serve as a base for paints, high performance topcoats, powdercoats, lacquers, or as a base for rubber bonding.

The working range of Iridite NCP is very flexible. Suitable adjustments of the concentration can accommodate wide variations in immersion time, the corrosion protection desired and the alloy to be treated.


  • Elimination of the use of hazardous hexavalent and trivalent chromium.
  • Provides corrosion protection that rivals conventional chromate conversion coatings when tested in accordance with ASTM B 117.
  • The conversion coating passes the requirement of MIL-C-5541 for electrical contact resistance for Class 3 coatings.
  • Wide operating range for time, temperature and concentration.
  • Provides an excellent primer or paint base, or for other subsequent organic treatments when tested in accordance with ASTM D 3359.
  • No ageing or curing required before topcoat application.
  • Baking of treated parts up to 350ēC does not affect the coating as with traditional yellow chromates.
  • Rinsing the Iridite NCP coated aluminium in hot water does not compromise the corrosion resistance of the coating.
  • Reduced waste treatment costs when compared to chromates.


Due to the nature of our work, there is sometimes the need for areas of the item to be painted to remain paint free.  This is mainly because of 'earthing' in electronic environments or the need to keep threads clean. We offer a bespoke masking service that accurately follows the requirements of our customers or the drawing requirements. At the final stage we de-mask and inspect prior to wrapping.