Powder Coating


The powder paint particles are electrostatically charged which enables them to cling to the substrate and wrap themselves around, ensuring a very even coating.

Having been baked in the oven which melts the powder, the paint becomes hardened and the final result is a very hard wearing coating that is particularly suited to outdoor environments.

Again as with stove enamelling there are many types of finishes available:

  • Smooth - Matt, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, gloss.
  • Leatherette - Different degrees available.
  • Hammer - Obtained from one of the world's foremost manufacturers.
  • Texture - Achieving a rougher to the touch highly durable coating.
  • Metallics - Available in many colours such as silver, bronze, gold, blue etc, and can even be colour matched. If required for outdoor environments this will require a lacquer coating.